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  • Chicken Biriyani

    Chicken marinated and cooked in spices and layered with rice

  • Egg Biriyani

    Egg biriyani is made with aromatic basmati rice and mixed with biryani masala

  • Beef Biriyani

    It is the great combination of rice, Ghee  Kerala Spices, nuts, dry fruits and Meat.

  • Vegetable Biryani

    A very delicious and healthy Vegetable Biryani, simple & easy to make for bachelors too.

  • Fish Biriyani

    Fish Biriyani, is one of the most authentic biriyani dish in thaza.


  • Fish curry and meals

    Delectable fish in Gravy recipes to pamper your taste buds with.

  • Veg meals

    Healthy and delicious meals,take a look at our delicious veg meals.


  • Shawaya (Full,Half,Qtr)

    Roast chicken roast chicken buttermilk roast chicken perfect roast.

  • Shawaya with Manthi rice

    Nice chicken with different rice  served with chicken or lamb popularly as Manthi.

Al Faham(Barbeque)

  • AL Faham

    he chicken is marinated with Arabian spice mix-Bezar and barbeque in a charcoal grill

  • Al faham & manthi rice

    Deliciously Aromatic Arabian Rice and tasty al faham pieces separately.


  • Thandoori Roti

    Looking for a fun way to enjoy rotis tonight with thaza..

  • Tandoori Parotha

    This healthy variation of Tandoori Paratha is a sure hit

  • Masala Kulcha

    The kulchas can also be stacked in a roti basket and then served warm.

  • Panner Kulcha

    The kulcha has been stuffed with a rich and spicy paneer filling.

  • Stuffed kulcha

    Stuffed Vegetable Kulcha is a soft and fluffy Indian leavened bread which is made stuffed with seasonal vegetables

  • Onion kulcha

    Onion Kulcha is whole wheat leavened Indian bread stuffed with onions.

  • Plain Kulcha

    Make it plain or with sesame seeds sprinkled, brush it with butter to make it more tastier

  • Butter Naan

    A butter flavored flat bread is one of the most extremely delicious dish .

  • Garlic Naan

    Butter Garlic Naan is a rich Indian bread recipe, with the exciting flavour of garlic and green chillies

  • Ginger Naan

    The ginger naan is simple bread has been tweaked for ease and convenience.

  • Rumali roti

    Rumali Roti is a vegan, soft and thin tasty flatbread recipe popular in India prepared using all purpose flour and wheat flour.

  • Appam

    Appam is a type of pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk

  • Aloo Paratha

    Aloo Paratha is a delicious shallow fried Indian stuffed bread popular among all generations of people

  • Paratha

    Parathas are a category of unleavened indian breads made with whole wheat flour or atta.

  • Chapathi

    A simple but delicious recipe for wheat flour Serve with tcombination curry's.

  • Pathiri

    Pathiri is a kind of thin roti made from rice flour withmeat curry.

  • Kuboos

    Kuboos is an Arabic bread that can be served for every meal in the Middle East. It can accompany with a dipping or filling like sandwich or with a curry.


  • Chicken curry

    Chicken curry, uses  chicken that's bathed in a delicious mix of spices and chilli.

  • Nadan Chicken curry

    A traditional Kerala style chicken curry prepared using masala and coconut milk.

  • Chettinad Chicken Curry

    Chettinad Chicken Curry is a special tasty dish in tamilnadu cuisine with full of wonderful lip-smacking flavors

  • Chicken Varutharachathu

    his is different from the conventional chicken curry as this has grated and fried coconut.

  • Pepper Chicken

    Pepper Chicken is one of the most wonderful dish with a combo of flavours emanating from the naturally aromatic earthy flavoured.

  • Butter chicken

    This creamy curry Indian butter chicken recipe combines ethnic spices with simple ingredients like onion, butter, and tomato sauce for a tasty dish.

  • Hyderabadi Chicken

    Hyderabadi Chicken Curry Recipe is the Traditional Indian Chicken Dish made with Chicken

  • Kadai Chicken

    Kadai chicken make,grind all the ingredients for the tomato paste into a fine paste.

  • Chilli Chicken

    Chilli Chicken Recipe is a  Indo Chinese chicken recipe, here fried chicken is cooked in the combination of Indian vegetables.

  • Boneless chilli chicken

    Boneless chicken (fillets or cubes) are marinated in soya sauce, chili sauce and pepper

  • Ginger/Garlic chicken

    A spicy ginger and garlic chicken ,Served with rice it makes a wonderful tasty meal

  • Chicken Schezwan

    Chicken Schezwan is a a very easy to prepare dish where the marinated chicken is fried and then tossed in schezwan sauce

  • Chicken Manchurian

    Chicken manchurian recipe – one of the popular Indo chinese recipes that is made with chicken.

  • Chicken Fry

    Easy chicken fry recipe with boneless chicken pieces and basic spices.


  • Mutton Curry

    Delicious, soft tender chunks of lamb meat in Indian style spiced onion tomato gravy.

  • Mutton Korma

    Mutton korma is made with mutton and nutty paste and is full of rich and creamy ingredients.

  • Mutton Roast

    Mutton roast, mutton pieces cooked in freshly ground spices and sauteed with onions,coconut slices .

  • Mutton Pepper Fry

    A dry preparation of mutton with lots of onions, curry leaves

  • Mutton Kadai

    Mutton pieces fried in a kadai and cooked with tomatoes, onion paste, ginger-garlic pastes

  • Mutton Liver

    Mutton Liver fry is fried in very less amount of spices mainly pepper and liver is one of the best portions of the lamb

  • Mutton Chops

    Mutton chops is a non vegetarian side dish, cooked with yogurt and a spicy masala.


  • Duck Roast

    This festive duck is loaded with tasty herbs and spices.

  • Duck Mappas

    delicious curry made with aromatic spices and coconut milk. 


  • Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

    Sweet Corn Chicken Soup is a light and creamy soup made with creamed sweet corn, chicken stock ..

  • Sweet Corn Veg Soup

    Crushed and whole sweet corn comes together with a colourful assortment of juicy vegetables in this sumptuous soup

  • Hot & Sour veg soup

    Wonderfully warming, soup with egg ribbons, tofu and shitake mushrooms.

  • Hot And Sour CHicken Soup

    hot piping soup with chicken and light kick of sourness

  • Mutton Clear soup

    Highly nutritious mutton soup infused  with goat ribs to be eaten during breakfasts along with naan or roti.


  • Green Salad

    Healthy and hearty salad with a fabulous grapeseed oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
  • Tossed Salad

    Fresh basil, tomato and a delicious Dijon dressing flavor this tortellini toss for a simple lunch or dinner.

  • Raitha

    An Indian condiment consisting of yogurt, spices, and diced or grated vegetables or fruits.

  • Curd

    Thick, soft and creamy, spreadable cream that has a wonderful tart yet sweet flavor.


  • Chicken Lolly pop

    Spicy chicken lollypops marinated in chicken style and deep fried

  • Dragon Chicken

    Chicken coated with all purpose flour and corn flour and deep fried

  • Chicken 65

    boneless chicken pieces marinated with some spices and deep fried.

  • Golden fried Prawns

    Luscious dish made with prawns marinated in a very simple battered paste.

  • Paneer 65

    Paneer cubes coated with spicy paste and then deep fried or shallow fried

  • Gobi 65

    Dish made up of cauliflower in dry gravy.

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