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Thaza Family Food Park Located Kottukulangara, Kayamkulam. It has all the delicious food in kerala. Thaza Family Food Park Kayamkulam also has all specialArabic traditionalfoods, Kuzhimandhi, Cupsarice,  FriedChicken,  Keralatraditionalfoods, Icecream, Juice, Shavai, Chinese foods like noodles, fried rice, etc. The restaurant has huge seatings with good built interior. Our special dish Kuzhi Manthi is prepared with rice, chicken and onions & flavored with saffron, cardamom and cloves. And Kabsa dish  variethy of kabsa  recipes in Thaza ,  this is a traditional way to make these dishes. The restaurants on the highway for dinner and the restaurant’s parking and the good lightings on the highway was attractive. The menu was filled with Arabic dishes like kababs and charcoal grills. The food was good and served almost like the Arabic Food. The food was hat and appealing, alongwith an array of desserts. Quite happy with the ambience of the place and the friendly staff. especially the grilled chicken was mouth watering. wud definetly visit the place for a long drive away from the city with my kids!!!!

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